About Us

Perennial Consultancy (PC) started in the middle of 2014 as a partnership, specializing in IT infrastructure consulting services

Our Mission

Risk Management by Due Diligence

Majority of failed IT projects, are doomed at the pre-sales stage, either due to inexperience of the SE or inadequate due diligence in a bid to meet last min tender deadline. We are not afraid to invest early with our business partners at the pre-sales engagement through proper ground works and reliable PoC exercises.

On the other hand, PC will forgo risky projects which do not allow for sufficient due diligence.

Solution Centric

By charging mainly or solely on services, we place design and methodologies before any brand or technology, not being tied down to any particular vendor. Despite have preferred technology vendors, we have a clear understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. We shall not hesitate to swap out any vendor/component should it make sense to do so.

Evidence based Empricial approach

As much as it is practically feasible, similar to unit testing in software development, the deliverables for infrastructure projects should be mapped out ASAP to mutually agreed and well designed test cases.

In other words, we start a project with the end in mind.

Our Values

Dependable and Reliable

Once a project or job has been signed off, you can count on us to see it through in good faith, sticking to the agreed cost and timeline

Passion and Quality

Here in PC, we are passionate about our business, hence we place great emphasis on the quality of our work i.e. documenations, solutions, processes.